Rural Radio Communications Course (Basic)

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Rural Radio Communications Course (Basic) teaches not only the importance of radio communications, but also provides the basic understanding of Antenna Theory and problem-solving ability critical to ensuring positive communication across a diverse range of physical terrain and vegetation.  Competency is built through a series of instructor-led Practical Exercises (PEs), culminating in student led communications exercises that will test the students’ newly learned skills as well as their ingenuity.  Upon completion of the course, students will have a greater appreciation of the true breadth of radio capability and applicability in team level operations for both natural disaster and defense.  Students will also have tested products to take with them and add to their communications kit bag.

Prerequisite Courses:  None

Physical Requirements:  This course will be include moderate hiking on both level and uneven terrain.  Be prepared to walk at least one mile.

Equipment Requirements: 

  • Water Source
  • Notebook
  • Pens/pencils
  • Cold weather clothing
  • Wet weather clothing
  • Lunch (both days)

Optional Equipment:

  • Your own VHF and/or UHF handheld radio
  • Your own antennas, headsets, etc.
  • Your own antenna analyzer / VNA


    If you don't have a radio, don't worry.  Equipment will be available for all students. 


    This is a non-ballistic class

    You may carry your EDC weapon if legal to do so.  However, no weapons handling is authorized during class.