Mission & Philosophy

Remote locations require defensive solutions tailored to maximize the capabilities of the individuals/communities and leverage the physical terrain to provide tactical advantage.  From the earliest days in the original colonies, it was understood that we individually bear the responsibility for the protection of our lives and freedoms.  It was also understood that the ability of one able-bodied citizen trained to arms, although great, found it's most effective expression when utilized within the framework of a team.

Although hundreds of years apart, the threats to life and liberty in rural areas are as relevant now as they were in the eras of Benjamin Church and Major Robert Rogers.  Times of economic distress, natural disasters, and unlawful violence present significant risks to  communities with little infrastructure and external support. 

The mission of Alert Plan Training Systems is to instill competency in the time-honored and battle-tested principles of small unit tactics to American citizens today,  By providing a safe, tactically sound, and professional training environment in which to learn, Ryan believes that you will walk away with a high level of confidence and proficiency in an array of fundamental defensive patrolling skills and a deep appreciation for the power of the team.  Ultimately, you will be armed with keen insight into the vision, ability, and will required to ensure you and your community prevail when all that remains is AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN.