Trauma Management Basics

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The Trauma Management Basics Course teaches the fundamentals of treating traumatic injuries.  Instruction will take place in a classroom setting.  Competency is built through a series of instructor-led Practical Exercises (PEs), culminating in student-led, teamwork-focused trauma scenarios .  Upon completion of the training, students gain a working knowledge of various trauma injuries, conducting Rapid Trauma Assessments, treating injuries with appropriate medical interventions, and communicating key information to public safety personnel.  Topics of training include:

  • Controlling Massive Bleeding (Direct Pressure, Wound Packing, Pressure Dressings, Tourniquets)
  • Managing Airways (Look/Listen/Feel, Head Tilt/Chin Lift, Jaw Thrust, Finger Sweep of Visualized Obstructions, Recovery Position)
  • Managing Respirations (Rate/Quality Assessment, Penetrating Chest Trauma-Chest Seals/Occlusive Dressings, Position of Comfort (Injured Side Down, Tripod)
  • Managing Circulation and Preventing Hypothermia (Reassessment of Interventions, Treatment of Hypovolemic Shock)
  • Documentation of Interventions
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication with Public Safety Personnel

Prerequisite Courses:  None

Physical Requirements:  None

Equipment Requirements: 

  • Water Source
  • Notebook
  • Pens/pencils
  • Lunch 

Optional Equipment:

  • Individual First Aid Kit (for comparison/discussion)
  • Drinks (non-alcoholic)
  • High Energy Food Source (Clif Bar, Peanut Butter Packets, PowerGel


This class DOES NOT produce a certification and is non-ballistic